maker meetups

As a creative community and tribe of makers, we fully believe in connecting with the broader maker community while also diving deep into our specific craft. Meetups are just that. Find a local group so that you can learn and be engaged with your craft alongside others who share the same passion.


Code connect

Code Connect is a community of people from the Bis-Man area that are passionate for programming, engineering, and design. Their goal is to talented people together to start conversations, learn from others, and help each other out.


The pencil party

The Pencil Party is a group of local illustrators helping each other do what they do best. If you like to draw or illustrate this is your group! 


nd photographers united

This group is for any and all registered photography businesses in the local area. It's a group where you can share your work, give advice or constructive criticism, ask questions, and learn from one another.