A Prairie Hiraeth: Gallery Pop-up and Album Release


calling all makers

On August 3rd & 4th in Bismarck, ND we will be having our first-ever gallery pop-up and album release event. We're calling all makers proud of their Midwest heritage with work inspired by the region to join us and submit their art to be featured at the event. 


  • Verbal commitment needed by April 1st
  • Art submissions due June 1st
  • Committee approval received back by June 15th

Hiraeth – (n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past. 


Submission Guidelines
Information Packet


I'm in. Let's do this!

If you'd like to commit to submitting your art by June 1st, please let us know!

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