Join us on August 3rd & 4th in Bismarck, ND where we will be having our first-ever gallery pop-up and album release event. We're calling all makers proud of their Midwest heritage with work inspired by the region to join us and submit their art to be featured at the event. (See submission form below)

Come August, we invite everyone to come together and celebrate all things Midwest with us, as we gather as a community to support local artists + makers doing what they love.

Tickets will be released later this summer, so stay tuned!


    Hiraeth – (n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past. 

    Featured Artists:

    Joel Porter, Musician

    Erica Thune, Painter

    Brea Wike, Painter

    Britta Anderson, Painter

    Maria Witham, Mixed Media

    Brandon Eckroth, Photography

    Helen Campbell, Painting

    McCal Joy, Illustration

    Andrea Falcon, Mixed Media

    Bryan Hempstead, Film

    A major thanks to all of our sponsors as we couldn't do this event without them.


    Senator John and Mikey Hoeven


    art submission form

    Art submissions are due by June 1st. Please email your high resolution, digital art file(s)
    to with the file named accordingly: 'firstname-lastname-nameofpiece' (for example, 'ashton-hauff-prairiesunrise.jpg') along with your artist statement for each piece. Complete your art submission below by paying the one-time $25 registration fee. If you have questions, please refer to the 'Submission Guides.'

    Each artist may submit up to 5 total pieces.

    Name *
    Painting, photography, carpentry, video, music, etc.
    Date of Piece *
    Date of Piece
    When was this art piece created?
    Please measure in inches.
    I agree to the submission guidelines. *
    The submission guidelines can be found under 'Resources' above.


    Almost done! Remember to submit your $25 registration fee here:



    Submission Guidelines
    Information Packet

    Jury selections will be made by June 15th and will be communicated via email.