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Makewell is a community of over 1,000 makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs around the Midwest. Our mission is to elevate the makers of our local communities so that we can all do what we love, where we love.


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Ready to dive into the maker community, but don’t know where to start? Here’s three ways to get started:

Get Connected.
Join the Facebook group to stay connected across the region while having a safe space to ask the tough questions, share upcoming events, and help one another out.

Find a mentor.
A little guidance goes a long way. The Makewell mentorship is only $5 to get paired with someone that is ready to help you succeed. Take advantage of their wisdom.

Meet a maker.
While online support is great, there's something about having real people that are there for you that's *priceless*. Join us at one of our upcoming events or become an official member!

Let’s Build The Community

Interested in getting involved, volunteering, or financially supporting Makewell? Let us know!

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