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Our Story

Makewell was founded around the need for a local community of makers + dreamers.

After moving back home in 2015, founder Ashton Hauff noticed how many talented individuals felt isolated with similar questions and obstacles. Her personal experiences and conversations raised the question, "Why aren't we doing this together?"

A few months later, a team of individuals passionate about the idea of community came together to create Makewell. They hosted the first Makewell event in February of 2016 with an overwhelming, sold-out response.

Today, Makewell is a community of 1,000+ makers around the Midwest. Our mission is to equip the makers and dreamers by sparking ideas and igniting action.


We Believe in…

Community > Competition
At the very core of Makewell, we believe we’re better together. We learn, inspire, and challenge one another. And when one of us succeeds, we all succeed together as a regional creative hub. We are your tribe.

Diversity of Craft
No matter your craft or industry, we dedicate ourselves to coming alongside the makers, creators, and contributors of our community. We’re so grateful for your gift you’ve chosen to share with all of us.

Encouraging Vulnerability
We understand the making process can be very personal and therefore we commit ourselves to being open and honest in both seeking out and providing advice, support, and encouragement throughout the entire making process.

Supporting Local
We create word-class experiences for makers, by hiring world-class makers at their full value. We support the local maker community both emotionally and financially to see their craft and businesses thrive where they call home.

Magical Moments
In every experience we host, we strive to create surprising moments of joy for our attendees. We aim to reach above all expectations, so that every maker leaves feeling both noticed and valued. 

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Let’s Build The Community

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