makewell cash mobs

One of our core values is in supporting local makers and their businesses. Cash mobs do just that. "Cash Mobs are a great way to create an immediate economic impact for local businesses. They provide a promotional opportunity before, during, and after the event and done well can have a lasting effect on a local business."

Makewell hosts two cash mobs each month, and we'd love to have you join us.

Cash Mob Rules:

  • Business owner must approve the Cash Mob before the mob is announced

  • Locally owned and independently operated

  • Have products that cost less than $20

  • Business owner must give back to the community in some way

  • The date, time and meeting location must be announced at least a week in advance

  • Participants encouraged to spend at least $20

At the cash mob, there are four rules:

  • Be courtesy to the business owner and staff

  • Spend $20

  • Meet 3 people you didn’t know before

  • Takes lots of pictures using the hashtags #cashmob #cityname


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