Ready To Learn?

Come back to school like never before with our Workshop Marathon: Fall Edition as we host 8 amazing workshops all in the same day on Saturday, October 13th. We've collected some of the most talented makers + small business owners in our area, to bring you workshops you won't be able to resist. 

From a morning filled with business-focused workshops to a full afternoon of hands-on learning, there's a workshop for everyone! Join us to learn how to grow your passions, meet other people, and have fun!

pricing info

  • Each hour-long, workshop is $30 each
  • The Morning Pass of 4 workshops is $100 (save $20)
  • A fresh, local, catered lunch is $15
  • The Afternoon Pass of 4 workshops is $100 (save $20)
  • An All-Inclusive Pass for all 8 workshops is $200 and includes lunch and a surprise gift! (save $55)

October 13th


Morning Workshop Schedule:
Business Emphasis

Enjoy a full morning of learning the in's and out's of several topics to get your hobby going as a side hustle or to grow your business into its highest potential. Learn how to create content like podcasts and videos while also developing your marketing with logo and website tips. Surely, you'll leave with a full tool set ready to take your craft to the next level.


Workshop #1:
how not to podcast

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Or wondered if you should? Jay and Ivan, two-thirds of the Squarehead Kids, will generously enlighten you with lessons they've learned but stubbornly refuse to absorb.

You never know, after a single hour you might just become a more powerful podcaster than both of them combined!

This workshop will be October 13th at 8-9am at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.

Workshop #2:
logos 101 

Join graphic design extraordinaire, Jeff Knight, as he chats about designing logos.  Why does a logo matter? What makes up a successful logo?

These questions will be discussed as he touches on common trends in the world of visual brand identity, as well as, what to expect when working with a designer or agency on your own logo. 

This workshop will be October 13th at 9:15-10:15am at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.


workshop #3:
How to Use Video to Promote Your Business

Video is a great way to tell your business’ story and more and more in demand in today's marketing culture. Learn the most effective ways to reach your audience and create the best looking content from video experts, David and Carson of D&N Cinematics. With a few simple tips and tricks you can take your productions to the next level. Are you ready?

This workshop will be October 13th at 10:30-11:30am at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.

workshop #4:
How to create a simple and effective website

It's 2018, but many of us still have a web presence like it was 2005. Having an effective web presence is a must in today's market.  In this 1 hour workshop, J.Morgan will walk you though what makes an effective website, and what are some pitfalls to avoid. You will also learn which tools are useful when creating your website, and which ones to stay away from.

This workshop will be October 13th at 11:45-12:45am at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.



A key part to learning is keeping a fresh mind (and stomach) so we're taking a lunch break from 12:45 - 1:30pm to provide a delicious, local lunch from Up North Catering.


Afternoon Workshop Schedule:
Home Emphasis


Ready to make with your hands? We have a full afternoon of fun learning as you dive deeper into the world of healthy living, organic cooking, delicious desserts, and the perfect party pairing. You'll walk away with new tips and tricks for your family and friends to enjoy.


Creating Specialty Pastries

We live in the world of Instagram, so desserts not only need to taste good, but look good. Join Crystal Cossette, owner and baker of Sugarplum, in learning how to make a homemade pop tart that will impress because of it's flavor and it's design. (Yes, design!)

You'll start the class by learning all the basics of making a pie crust and end with creating your own specialized dessert.

This workshop will be October 13th at 1:30-2:30pm at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.

choosing the perfect party pairing

Do you enjoy hosting family and friends at your home, but never know the perfect pairing to purchase in order to delight their taste buds? Now you can know exactly what to bring and steal the show.

Join Lisa from Bismarck's Pinch and Pour as she guides you through pairing several foods including cheese, balsamic oils, wine, meats, and more.

This workshop will be October 13th at 2:45-3:45pm at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.


Thriving in the Grey

Healthy living isn't black or white. Join Proximal50's CEO, Tana Trotter, and Certified Wellness Coach, Lindsey Peterson, for a candid discussion on what being healthy actually means and simple steps you can take towards better overall health.

They'll cover stress management, how to get a full night's rest, fitness routines, and dietary needs for a complete healthy lifestyle.

This workshop will be October 13th at 4-5pm at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.

Keeping it Local: Cooking with the seasons

Learn some of Chef Tyler of Terra Nomad's go to tricks for working with local seasonal growers and their bounties. We’ll touch on which cooking applications allow you to really highlight the seasons.

The main takeaway will be how easy it can be to support local while treating yourself to fairly simple, yet delicious fare.  

This workshop will be October 13th at 5:15-6:15pm at CoStudio in Bismarck. Limited to 25 spots.



Hear from past attendees

"The workshop hosts did an incredible job fielding questions, offering information, demonstrating techniques, and allowing the audience to be hands on. I left feeling super motivated."


"The camaraderie! Everyone was having a great time and learning from one another. It was also well-organized and had a gorgeous aesthetic, the perfect environment for workshops."


"I loved being surrounded and learning from people who are passionate about their craft. They were truly inspiring!"