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Makewell is focused on supporting you at all stages of your craft and business, so we've created a mentorship program so that you can either become a mentor and invest your skills and knowledge back into the next generation or you can become a mentee and learn from those with great experiences and skills from their own journey. 



If you're looking to learn from someone who's been there, and has knowledge in a particular area, this is for you. $5 to be matched with a mentor.

Here's the expectations:

  • You're responsible for setting up meetings with your mentor and reaching out
  • You have prepared questions to discuss
  • You're open to feedback and advice
  • Your have a mindset of growth and learning from the wisdom of your mentor


If you're looking to give back to your community by sharing your past experiences and knowledge, this is for you. Your participation is completely volunteer.

Here's the expectations:

  • You meet with your mentee whether in person, over the phone, or a simple text message
  • You come prepared to help with their questions
  • You're open to giving your thoughts and advice
  • You have a mindset of giving back, investing, and building a relationship with your mentee

Ready? Let's do this!


If you'd like to become a mentee or mentor, please fill out the application below so that we can match you with someone with similar interests and goals.

*Please note that it may take time to match you,
however we will pair you as soon as possible.

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Once you're paired, the frequency will be up to you both to decide.
In a short paragraph describe what your background is in. What are your passions? Life's work?
Running a business, taxes, marriage, work-home life balance, time management, goal setting, etc.

mentees, almost done...

If you're applying to become a mentee, there's a $5 matching fee so we can pair you
with your mentor. Complete the payment below to finalize your application.

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