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The Makewell Podcast unveils the behind-the-scene stories of creatives, entrepreneurs, and risk-takers living a creative life. Listen every other Tuesday to be inspired and learn from others experiences. We hope their stories can help you live a creative life, and motivate you to start today. 

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The Makewell Podcast allows me to learn from some of the region’s most innovative people. One of my favorite realizations has been that you don’t have to fly away to the coast to do what you love! These guests have been able to do what they love from their small towns, and I'm looking forward to hearing more.


“I’ve been looking for a podcast that represents the world-class talent within the Midwest, and I’ve finally found it! Thanks for sharing our stories, Makewell.”


“Listening to the Makewell podcast, I not only get to hear from fellow makers about what they do and how they do it, but I also get a ton of inspiration from hearing about their struggles and successes. There's so much I've learned from their experiences!"


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