Join us on Saturday, August 4th in Bismarck where we will be having our first-ever gallery pop-up and album release event. We're collected an incredibly talented group of over 20 artists proud of their Midwest heritage  with beautiful work to inspire us all.

We invite everyone to come together and celebrate all things Midwest with us, as we gather as a community to support local artists + makers doing what they love.

Each ticket includes:

  • Delicious appetizers from Morning Joy Farms
  • Local drinks from Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. and Buffalo Commons
  • Exclusive access to the Midwest collection of art with over 50+ pieces
  • Exclusive access to Joel Porter's new album, 'Prairie Hiraeth'
  • A premiere of Joel's 20-minute film highlighting his music
  • A wonderful evening celebrating heritage with your community

Want a more private experience? Become a VIP!

On Friday, August 3rd we're hosting a private event for special guests. If you'd like to get first access to the gallery in attendance with the artists themselves in a more intimate setting, this is for you. Each VIP will also get first dibs on Joel's new music album and access to the best appetizers and top-notch drinks for a wonderful evening.


    Joel Porter

    Lacie Van Orman

    Medora Frei

    Michael Van Beek

    Mike Renner

    Molly McLain

    Nicole Gagner

    Peter Pomonis

    Sarah Hultin

    Want to see the gallery alongside the artists?
    Become a VIP!

    Featured Artists:

    Andrea Falcon

    Angie Kambeitz

    Ashlyn Kincaid

    Ben Brick

    Brea Wike

    Britta Anderson

    Bryan Hempstead

    Carly Kolbo

    Dawn Kopp

    Erica Thune

    Helen Campbell

    Helms Deep


    Hiraeth – (n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past. 

    A major thanks to all of our sponsors as we couldn't do this event without them.


    Senator John and Mikey Hoeven