3rd Annual Maker Retreat

Join local makers alike in a special weekend retreat crafted just for you! Come the end of the year it's time to get away from your normal surroundings to restore and relax, reflect on 2019 to kickstart an amazing new year, and connect with makers in your region going through similar challenges, obstacles, and victories. Through each other's shared stories and transparency, we fully expect you to meet your next mentor, colleague, and friend.

Included with your Makewell Retreat pass:

  • Two peaceful nights at the gorgeous Stiklestad Lodge

  • All meals included crafted by a local chef

  • Unlimited hot chocolate & snack bar

  • Weekend activities facilitated by Carly & Amos Kolbo alongside Hailey Whitman

  • Free time to connect with one another and for self care

  • A special surprise gift


Join Us
dec. 6th - 8th

Tickets are limited to 35 spots to keep the experience intimate + impactful. Save your spot!

Meet The Hosts


Carly Kolbo is an entrepreneur and lover of people, and has an aversion to the word “normal”. From a young age she’s had a soft spot for outsiders, which has led her to serve non-profits overseas and invite at-risk teens into her life in Bismarck. With empathy and a surgical ability to identify road blocks, she loves to see people set free and empowered. Carly is always down to clown, and some may call her a little inappropriate (which she takes as a high compliment). Carly and her husband, Amos, renovated the third story of a historic building, where they live and run four businesses. Over the last twelve years of photographing weddings, Carly has cultivated the art of unscripted and uncommon images. Amos is slightly concerned (jealous) over Carly’s obsession with their rescue mutt, #kitaisaladypimp.


Amos Kolbo is a social creator, community builder, and serial entrepreneur. At age 15, he started the first of his many businesses. Amos has an infectious love for people and a gift for identifying and maximizing people's potential. Someone once said, “Talking to Amos is like talking to a hug.” With an incredible ability to see people’s true identity, he’s often sought out when someone wants to get “unstuck”. Talk to Amos once and you won’t be surprised to hear that he sustained internal bleeding from an air guitar solo gone wrong (or completely right). You can find Amos quite literally all over the place, but his home base is Bismarck, where he and his wife, Carly, run four businesses and pour into their community.


Hailey Whitman is a lifelong creative, a four-year inhabitant of the professional design field, and more recently, an entrepreneur. Labeled endearingly as a greedy learner, she spends much of her time in hungry pursuit of the emotional health field. With unbridled creativity, and often the best kind of weird, she loves orchestrating elaborate experiences, whether extravagant parties or unforgettable pranks (and has been able to escape the law thus far). Hailey is drawn to novelty, and is up for anything odd or offbeat, like serenading a friend’s sick dog with her questionable musical abilities (the dog loved it). Regarded as an old soul, she loves helping others understand what makes them “tick”, and celebrating the gift of who they are. An idealist at heart, she invites others to disrupt safe norms for richer relationships.


Praise from past Attendees

"This one one of the first events I
connected deeply enough with individuals to consider them friends. Most of the time, conversations start and end with a 'great to meet you!', but nothing much deeper than that. I feel like many great lasting friendships have came out of this event that will truly change the community.”


“I was blown away by the attention to detail at every turn, the quality of the people and conversations I had, and the value I gained from the various exercises and activities that were planned.”


“The Makewell Retreat was an incredible, unforgettable experience that pushed me outside my comfort zone and allowed me to see the passion and great ideas that live in ND.”


“This retreat forced me to find my next goal. It taught me how to accomplish the goal and equipped me with friends I can lean on to help me get there.”


“I cannot say enough about this retreat. The atmosphere, energy, knowledge, and support that was present was unlike anything I’ve been a part of before. I left with new ideas, new contacts, new goals, and the drive to make things happen.