Short Film Features

We're bringing the ultimate short film experience to the heart of downtown Bismarck with three, local short films projected outside in classic 1960's style on Friday, August 24th. Not only will you get enjoy the three short films and hear from their creators, but there will also be delicious food trucks for the perfect snack before showtime. Just grab a blanket and chair, and we'll see you there!

Learn about the short films

The Nighttime Ghoul by Joe Greening

Upon returning home after hearing a scary story from one of her friends, something seems off to Brittany. Is the story getting to her, or is there something else in the house? This will be the debut screening of The Nighttime Ghoul.

Horror, PG-13, 7 minutes

Small Talk by Steven Warkel

Small Talk is a short film that follows a son struggling to come to terms with his terminally ill mother by MSUM graduate, Steven Warkel. The film was awarded Best Ensemble Performance, Best Directing, and Best in Show at the MSUM juried exhibition in May.

Drama, PG-13, 10 minutes and 42 seconds


HAM by Zach Wentz

Ham is a short film loosely based on the 1961 suborbital flight of Ham the Astrochimp. As the day of Ham's launch approaches, Ham’s caretaker named Dr. Jo Bradley begins to unravel the corrupt intentions of the space program. At the cost of her relationship with her son, Dr. Bradley begins spending most of her time at the lab. It is here that she develops a unique bond with Ham. After a heated confrontation with the head of the facility, Dr. Edwin, Bradley soon learns that Ham’s fate may not be as triumphant as she thought.

Drama, PG-13, 18 minutes

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